Thursday, December 1, 2011


o, hello. Can't count on my fingers and toes how many days its been since I last posted. But lets just say since I last did, I bought a new boss camera and have baked a lot of stuff. So basically I'm just gonna put some pictures up and u can fill in all the gaps of what I could have possibly been doing in so much time....... feel free to exaggerate.
pumpkin seeds...... i look forward to this every year!!!!

we made two types of pumpkin bread.... soo goood

I made these from a healthy recipe for chocolate pumpkin pie brownies.... I'm not sure they turned out correctly.... they were a little slimy.. but hey im not the best cook 
now this is wehre things get serious. this is peanut butter cookie dough, I saw somewhere about cookie bowls and attempted to make them (the top) and the bottom ones will turn into....

these! love these cookies. 
OH MY GOD. this is what my "bowls" turned into. ahahahahahaha. oops.

so thats my baking portion....and now let me tell u i was in Florida for thanksgiving to visit my family and run in the Space Coast Half Marathon!!!

my cousin on their beach..... wish i lived here

this is my aunt's friends view from their dock..gorgeous

more of Christine's backyard view

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

excuse the photo bomb. 
So today I just found out that I'll be going to florida over T break on Wednesday I'll leave and I am lucky enough to be working with kathrine switzer and run in the Space Coast Half Marathon. Am i in any shape to be running in this half? no, not really considering i've ran probably the farthest of 4 miles since the des moines half but oh well! Maybe i'll walk it with my aunt...that sounds easier......... Can't wait to be in the warm weather woot woot! although I am a little disappointed I don't get to spend Thanksgiving with my fam. It's cool though I get to see my cousins! :) ANNNDD I Just ordered my camear on Sat night sooooo its gonna be pretty boss when I get it in... gonna be lots of photo shoots with erin and robyn and annie. Just sayin. We also need to get our christmas card picture taken...and this is serious. WE WILL have   a card. if i don't ill cry. but yeah since I should probably finish this chem lab instead of be on here I'm gonna get to that. O. Also, a) annie brought back some of the best tasting brownies i've ever eaten and some of hte best pumpkin muffin type things ive ever eaten omg. and since its holiday season that obvioulsy means were baking goodies at home. i need to make these pumpkin cream cheese filled muffins...... theyve been on my mind and until i make them itll drive me nuts. DEUCES!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

well friends, it's been a rough weekend. and as I look at my last post, it totally makes sense that I have been watching house since 1pm today. (its 9:10 pm right now) I'm not ashamed. get off my back. yesterday was our homecoming game - possibly the shortest day of my life. woke up at 10, started drinking at 11:30, passed out at 3. wow that sounds a lot worse now that i put it in that time frame. Because i slept from 3pm - 8. thought it was morning, but it wasnt. so i went back to bed and slept until 10 this morning. thats a 19 hour slumber my friends.  i was awake for 5 hours! :O and nowthat i think about it, between friday night and right now, I've only been away for about 15 hours. das not right. good thing house never gets old. but yea these pics basically sum up my 4 hours of being awake yesterday...good timez!!!

running so fast i can stop and pose for the cam! oh yeah!
OH yeah, btw, i finally ran my half last weekend. to say the least i had a really good time! and hwen i say time i don't mean running time, i mean time in general.. lets be real there's no way I had a good running time. my mom and i balled it up. but on the other hand i didn't run at all this past week. fatty mc fat fat pat pat woop woop tubby. i had every intention of working out today, until i started watching house. thats when my exercise mentality went downhill. but yeah if you wanna see me being a boss just check out these next pics....

ohh man long day on the race track just pullin my chip off
i obviously am not the greatest and knowing how to place pictures. thats why theyre all over the place. oopsies!

toughest ladies to run obviously

WELL hope u all enjoyed the pics and post, shout out to my followers!!!! (erin) and thebryceisrite on occasion - youre the reason i do this!!!! love your enthusiasm and comments, keep them coming!

Monday, October 10, 2011

yes this is real.
marry me jesse spencer? and come back to house plz?
ran 12 miles saturday. 5k race on sunday. and when i say race i mean 33 minutes for a 5k....sooo yeah...raced that shit...... yeah......... didn't do anything today. hips were going to pop out of their sockets. we'll see how it goes tommorrow. toodles!!
ps. jesse for real. thats why im studying abroad in australia - to find a man like him..o? <3 some day

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'd like to first start off by dedicating this post to char (wait...char, you read this blog? shit.) - you're right, it has been too long. and so i am posting this pic because this is josh's friend but he reminded me of your friend tyrell (tyrone, tyrese? wtf was his name?). except this one peed his pants.

 and yes I am sitting in bed with the lights off on my computer thinking about how i should be sleeping. I obviously have more important things to do. (facebook)? and this website that i just saw kyle post on facebook. it's like and i recommend that dad check this one out because he will j in dem p's when he sees the deals on this site. THEY ARE OUTA CONTROL!

But for realz been a busy bee these days. i had every intention of going to work tonight and getting things done. and then grant came in and decided itd be kewl to stay the entire time  = no work done. and then i came home and sat around for an hour and climbed in bed. I also had every intention of waking up at 4:30 to run my 12 miles (my half is next weekend! :O  ) but then realized why would i do that? thats kind of like how I was supposed to wake up this morning and do it with erin. that didnt happen so why would tomorrow happen? oH - btw, havent made it to my 8 am bio class on time in at least the last month. idk how many times erin has come into my room saying "hey kat, don't you have class this morning?" as the bus I'm suppposed to be getting on drives by..... oops. maybe thats why i got a 54% on my practical. good memories.

but anyways, probs best part of my weekend was this..... why do u think i changed my twitter name to @kakemetten?
shout out to the glaza's for providing us with this gem....... lets just say it didn't last long
It was parents weekend last weekend so robert's parents came up and brought us the cake.....yum in my tum. thats waht im sayin. 

so but it was seth's and pat's bdays on saturday so i made them some cupcakes........

 annnddd here are the cupcakes i made. only 2 of the little ones made it out alive.....
 aannnddd this is how we used one of pat's cupcakes. can u say bootycaked? sorry patrick. if you're wondering what happened to the other ones, pat's cousin ate 3 of them thats all i know. last stop of the night: seth, ryan, rich, and matt's apartment. friday night before seth's bday and i find him playing fast typer and drinking beer. ryan is doing homework. they are watching a tv that is on mute. you can notice seth's cupcakes sitting next to him but he refuses to eat them because "i am trying to make him fat" notice: keystone in the left corner. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

system rebooted.

Well I went home this past Friday to celebrate Joe's birthday. It was a night full of whining, complaining, crying, presents, cake, and jocularity. What a good combo!!!!!!!!!!! I also found out that he is in fact 6, not 7. Whew, time isn't moving as fast as I thought. Also, check out the store bought Hy-Vee cake. My dad forgot to get him a cake. SERIOUSLY? How do you forget the cake for a 6 year old's birthday. so naturally he ran to Hy-Vee ten min before dinner to go buy one. To say the least it was disgusting..but I ate it anyway. obviously. Hyvee cake SUCKS.
So after the party I went back to iowa city with my sister and just slept at her place for the night. Of course the city was a zoo so i stayed confined in her apt. LOSER. oh. actually. i lied. me her and peter went to the mill for a little while..and brought my dog jade because she was barking. can you say gettin CRRAZZZAAAYY? 
jade at the mill
and then the next day there was an Iowa game so of course people next to her apt were up at 5 am to tailgate. along with the rest of the city. I woke up early and went for a run...AWAY from all the action. i ended up only making it like 2 miles. maybe it was due to the hour of sleep I got on my sisters floor...but whatever. so i made my way back to the apt and headed home. coolio. anti-social. 
had a nice little quiet night at home on sat night. my parents and joey went to the aquarium in chicago for his birthday. 
ok but this is what you absolutely need to know. you must buy this stuff. it is the best thing that is made for sandwiches in the world. seriously. I ate two giant sandwiches just because i wanted to put this stuff on it. I had my aunt buy it for me in tucson because i couldnt find it at hyvee in cedar rapids. YOU MUST try it. boar's head deli dressing. yes please.
this morning (sunday) i was supposed to run a 10k. So i went my 6.2 miles, stopped at a friends house to say hi, and then ran 1.83 miles home. so totaled around 8 but thats cool! maybe that can make up for the sad sad 2 miles i ran on saturday? sure sure. But yeah tonight I had every intention of doing my chem lab and starting my english paper. lets just say ive been sitting on the couch since like 5.....its 8:30. oh with the exception to eat some food. good thing im ambitious!! 
got a package in the mail today though from my Aunt Katie....she sent me the Marathon Woman book!! WOOOH! Its by Kathrine Switzer and her life and how she was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon with a bib. #261.  Can't wait to read it im super pumped. Along with the book she sent me a marathon woman bracelet and shoe charms. (and a versa band....what???) I can't wait to go to Florida in November and meet her!
But yeah im turning in for the night. goody. although i am sitting watching desperate housewives.... desperately wishing i wasnt. 

Why was the boy covered in gift wrap? His mom told him to "live in the present"!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


HOLY COW it's Thursday night. Since it's been 4 days since I last wrote and a super long week I think the world (...basically only me) deserves to see this pic of Erin. Funny.

 Where in the world did this week go? I literally thought I posted yesterday or they day before that.... eeeeek! Not like anyone follows me anyway, so no worries. Guess I've been pretty busy this week though. Tests and class and work really learn how to consume your life...and are good at it too. The week flew by but I feel like I've gotten a ton done...that's probably why it's gone already. I went to a Pre-Med club on Tuesday and Pre-PT club tonight... can you say make up your mind? Can I say get off my back I'm only a sophomore? Can you say if I really wanna go to med or pt school that I need to get my life together? shit.  Guy from Creighton was at the PT meeting and seriously wasn't trying to do this, and maybe I'm the only one who thought this, but I felt like it was almost too easy to get into the school! He says avg. GPA was a 3.24...umm excuse me? I would get higher than that if I didn't try. There is no way. I am legitimately pissed at him for making me for an instant feel like it would actually be kind of easy to get into grad school. And then I realized that I'd probably be trying to get into med school anyway. And then I realized if everything he was saying was in fact true that i was totally f'd for med school because it's gotta be a million times harder. And then I realized that why would I want to go to PT school if it were that easy to get in to? Is medicine that much more prestigious? I mean at Creighton I'd be getting a Doctoral degree..... THATS THE PROBLEM. I know becoming a doctor is quite a bit more difficult than a PT but come on, they are both grad school, there can't be THAT much of a difference. Or is there? Could somebody please come to me now and answer all my questions. Too bad life doesn't work that way. The more I think about it, I'm almost thankful nobody is following me..... who wants to read this boring shit anyway? Is it funny that I'm asking questions to basically myself? Actually it is relieving me. And now I'm talking to myself. Cool.

On my run today I think I mapped it out to be about 3.8 miles and I did it in 28 min so I'd say I was moving a little quicker than normal... if you don't think thats fast then screw you because I thought it was! But I was only supposed to go 3. oops. oh well. It felt great so i just kept my little feets a movin'! Yup this is me after my run. just peacin' it up!

and SERIOUSLY i hit the snooze button at least 12 times this morning, woke up at 8:04 for my 8 am class. Classic! Didn't get to eat my daily bowl of cereal which totally threw my entire day out of wack. i'm telling you - I need my Fiber One in the morning or my entire day goes to SHIT. (this is like the opposite of a pun, see, if I had eaten my fiber one, then my day would actually go to shit, get it? fiber? sure...) So yea, walking in late just to have the entire lecture hall stare at you. But if that doesn't happen to you at least once in your college career then I don't know what to say. You are a lucky son of a b I guess. Everyone needs to learn humility though.

I'm for real ready for the weekend, but not really since I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I just want to watch bridesmaids and catch up on some much needed sleep that I've been lacking (or gaining since I sleep through all my alarms). But to be honest I kind of miss my family and wanted to go home, It's Joe's bday on Saturday. And yes that statement can include Joe Mettenburg, my little brother, as well as Joe Sayre, my goofy ass friend. can you tell which is which? don't let joe's cute picture distort the idea that he is in fact a menace. which makes me wonder how old he is actually turning... 6 or 7? Who knows, the last thing he needs is more toys.
this my friends, is my brother
and this would be joe sayre...with kortemeyer
But yeah that's whats up. It's late and I wanna sleep.....nighty.

Where does the one legged waitress work?

The Ihop

Monday, September 19, 2011

Long weekend, Long Monday

Happy monday! (or just happy that its over) I've officially studied myself out. Going for 10 hours straight yesterday was a killer, to say the least. BUT i did get a whooolllleee lot of learning in! me=grinding at its finest. I'm hoping all the studying will pay off for my test tomorrow - but i hate how you focus all your attention and energy on one thing and then forget the rest of the stuff you have to do..... errr...crap. like reading a book for english and doing my chem lab...OOPS! whatever, shit happens. im kinda all jacked up on mt. dew right now so idk when sleep will come my way. but taking some tylenol pM doesn't sound like a bad idea right about now. and yes, this is me eating the tylenol pm bottle. tasty. buT annnyyywho. didn't run today, it was my job to rest. and I'm pretty sure that the soreness from my ten miles is just now catching up with me because the entire day my left calf was cramped. guess I should have got me some of these sexy things that erin wears...dang girl! oh, ps, this pic is from us studying on a saturday night..... in other words, we went
to study, wasted about 2 hours of our life complaining about the fact we didn't want to study, and then ended up going to HyVee, buying tubs of ice cream and watching Something Borrowed. can you say lonely and fat? (p.s. - you literally end up hating every character in something borrowed besides Jim. save yourself the dollar from redbox. shit. that just made me realize redbox is raping me as we speak. this is the second nigght i forgot to return it...god how does my credit card always end up paying the price?????!!) cant win!

Planning on waking up pretty early tomorrow....gotta get to school early to get some last minute looks at da books! nerd alert.
Even though it is monday today, i feel like i got a bunch accomplished. i love feeling like that. but if we like the feeling of being accomplished...why do we insist on being so lazy sometimes? I met with my honor's project mentor, contacted hospices around the area to get into volunteering, started planning on my road to med school, searched around the study abroad sites and looked more into that (the more i look the harder it is to decide where to go...WHERE SHOULD I GO!!????) England or Australia? Lancaster or Canberra? Manchester United soccie or Rugby? Cold Iowa-like weather or warm weather? to be honest, the main thing dragging me towards England is the soccer and the fact you can travel to so many places. Well, and its $2000 cheaper. but the weather in australia is sooo much better...i want to escape from the iowa winter!! ..although those english accents are o h g o d d a m n !
but lets get to the serious stuff. most importantly, its national singles week. i think this week was made for me? many people would probably agree.

 but im gonna make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here....and ill leave u with a little joke (because im funny)
why do chemists use nitrates? Because they are cheaper than day rates.
<3:) <-----those two things look funny together. what is on the smile'ys head??? i cant decide.... deuces

Saturday, September 17, 2011


-oh hey! this is just me on a turtle at sea world... seemed like a good pic to start my post off with? eh? but anyways....

-WOOOOHHEEE!  this morning i went 10 miles with Erin. Now thats what im talkin about! 13 miles doesn't seem so far anymore.  Woke fairly early (7:45?), didn't have to wake up at the break of dawn today which was great.. thank god it was cold out because the last thing i needed was a bunch of people around campus laughing at me as i attempted to run a mileage that was unheard of to me about 3 months ago. especially when i was on erin the ultimate's side. i wasn't sure how it was gonna go since i was up late last night partying (studying....). thats not a joke, i was actually studying. which i will be doing again tonight. how fun can one person get!?
**stole this next pic from Erin ...i was too lazy to use my own camera so i snatched it from her blog! this us after our run. looking pretty good, right? of course we go straight for the kitchen after our run.. can't get enough of that food. it is too bad that both of us had to leave right away so all I got in was an orange and all erin got in was a protein bar or something.... needless to say we both got back home around 3:15 and stuffed our faces with food.
are we a nike ad? too bad u cant see our shoes
-UNFORTNATE RUNNING EVENT: had to stop at HyVee this morning during our run to buy some anti-chafing cream. now this is why allllll da boiz want me!!!!!! (thats why i use the self-checkout) (why im single) but anyways then I didn't wanna carry it with me all the way on our run since we were only about 3 miles in, so i hid it under a bush outside of hyvee. and that is real. i was surprised some hobo didn't pick it up, who doesn't need anti-chafing cream? especially when you turn in cans more times a week then you get in the shower. but needless to say it was still there on our way back (thank god!) that shiz cost me 7 bucks!

-unfortunate running event #2: ok this one goes for all long runs...lets be honest, with all the fiber I eat how am i not supposed to have to go to the bathroom when im bouncing up and down for 10 miles? lucky for us there are buildings everywhere since we were running around campus. had a nice little stop at Howe Engineering Building....(thats the building we study at) (no we are not engineers) lucky for us, Lego League was going on - we got about as many stares as we did at HyVee buying the cream.

oh. saw this on yahoo news today when i was doing my daily check up on the world (sad substitute for the real news..i know) but i came across this. article about this lady who is going to eat McDonalds for 31 days straight WHILE training for her marathon. barf? no seriously, i'd probably barf and i'm pretty sure that she has.
Soooooo now on a more serious note....which of these do I want to get tonight? cant decide......
This is a very real question despite how petty it may seem! 
....whichever one i choose i will be pairing it with some delicious subway..... OH YEAH.

But i gotta split for now... gotta go get my studying in for the night with maradi, pat, and tate! Can't wait to get some...... knowledge!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hihihi Today was my easy day, I <3 Thursdays. only two classes (although i did have a bio test that was a killer), learned some chemistry, got some homework done and now im about to go to bed. had a 5 mile run today for training - ended up going bout 5.6 miles with Erin. it was easy and felt great just to get out and go with all the hectic things we have going on right now. we decided to go check out this back trail type thing that my roommate Robyn told us about...lead us to a park but it was only like a mile long. Gorgeous weather out this week although it scares me for a cold winter.... BUT by far the highlight of my day was getting my new Nikes in! I wore them for the first time (the light blue ones) on my run today and fell in love. How had i never had a pair of nikes before? beats me. Erin gets 40% off on the website...time for another order? suuurrrree......... can't afford it but getting these in today is making me want more!

random......i think ive come to do some weird things these days but i'm sorry its hard for me not to take a picture of something funny on the cyride. there were literally seats open all over the bus and this lady chose to sit between these two asians. are you kidding me>? on top of that the entire time she ranted on her phone about how her sons clothes dont fit her anymore. first of all what is that conversation and second of all maybe u should put him on a diet if he is in any relation to you.
Ive also come to the decision that facebook is consuming my life..i want so badly to get rid of it but i can show some self control..right? eerrrr.. wrong probably.  it is evil...the devil...yet one of my only friends (or how i act like i keep up with my friends). wish that I knew what i wanted to do with my life...where should i study abroad..what should i be studying...should i get another this all really worth it? i wanna be the boss. which leads me to an answer. med school. which leads me to my next questions...HOW IS THE AMES HOSPITAL FULL OF VOLUNTEERS. they are killing me. seriously. volunteer abroad? IM POOR. uurrgghh.. rough life.
tata for now. sleepy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

buzy buzy buzy

well it's hump day.....wooh! Barely. i've been at school since 9 this morning and haven't stopped yet.... work til 7 and then bio review sesh from 7-9. what the hell? can't i catch a break! all i want is a subway sandwich or something for god sakes. this week is completely kicking my ass... tests, homework, chemistry, studying abroad, volunteering, work, friends, training for my half...never ending list! time to get my life in check. but aside from all the hectic in my life right now, its probably not even as bad as i think. it never is. On my way to work today I saw this guy smiling...not sure if it was at the text he just read or because he thought of something funny and had to laugh at it, but it put me in a better mood. Happy people = mood boster. I don't care what you say, that is the truth. We should a.) surround ourself with people who enjoy the life they live b.) be that person who enjoys the life they live so it can rub off on others. Not saying i'm the most optimistic person alive, because im not, but that doesn't mean I dont try to surround myself with people who are in hopes it rubs off on me.

OH YEAH - Slept through my alarm again this morning when it told me i needed to wake up and go my 5 miles today. Sleeping through my alarm seems to be a pattern these days in my life..... How is it that 5 days ago I ran 9 miles like it was nothing and yesterday i thought 3 miles was the hardest thing of my life? funny how things work out like that....... looks like my 5 miles will be one in the dark tonight... better get out my reflectors! but anyways, lately, this is how i feel <---anyway. runrunrurnrunrun is what I need to do. this past month of my life has consisted of parties and more parties.... i'm pretty sure they made this movie for me? this weekend = detox and study and get my life together! but seriously, i don't think that there is any feeling that can top a good work out. well maybe getting married, or having a baby, or something like that... but i mean if you are going through your normal day it somehow makes everything better. you're ready to go. so just do it! or i mean at least put your running clothes on....if you have them on you're more likely to go is what i've discovered...even if you're only going to make it 10 minutes...STILL WORTH IT. I find myself posting all over things such as my planner and my school books the saying "Just do it, Kat!" sometimes this works....sometimes it doesn't...but hey it was worth a try!

Funny thing that happened that I can't seem to get off my mind. In class my teacher asked "what percent of our daily intake should be protein" a kid honest to god answered "95%". WHAT.

random thoughts on my day:
camo under armour stuff is funny to me.... it's like hey.. i think i like to hunt? ill buy this under armour gear instead of the hardcore stuff..sure sure
i want a boy who wears nike high socks (not the knee socks and not the ankle socks but the intermediate socks)...period.
why do u need to scream on the cyride?
when i think of being lazy i think of Ian Warner because he is the opposite of lazy.
why do I want to hashtag everything in my mind? #twitter

i think it's time i get back to work though.. bio is calling my name. got to love those protists and bryophytes! (or hate, take your pick)

Monday, September 12, 2011

My first post....!

Well, I'm giving the whole blog idea a go.... the first post seems like it should be a huge deal, right? Unfortunate that I have nothing extremely important prepared..just trying to get this started. The reason I'm writing is this is because it seems as if I have so many things I can say but who wants to post all that on Facebook and Twitter? Whether anybody ends up reading this or not, it'll give me a piece of mind that I have somewhere to let it all out! 
To say the least, I had a pretty eventful weekend. It was the Iowa v Iowa State game and Iowa State won in the third over time..score!!! Although I didn't end up going to the game...didn't buy tickets and had too many jello shots, mimosas, and strip or go naked anyway!

Feeling kind of behind in school since I keep procrastinating and probably am watching TV with my roommates instead of studying. Or...doing this blog instead of studying. I also am slacking in my half marathon training... the race is Oct 16th and the farthest I've gone is 9 miles! I was supposed to cross train today but blew it off - back on track tomorrow! 
Time to get back on the school and run grind. 
This is what I don't understand about running... Why is it that sometimes you so badly don't want to run when you know that there is no better feeling?

"The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"
(I love my Great Minds...Great Quotes poster)

Until next time....deuces!