Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wrappinn it up


(Insert, Brooks & Dunn instrumental of "Only in America")

Sun cummin' up, time to eat breakfast
Thank god I don't have to eat bread again,
Starin' up at all the familiar faces,
Finally get to see friends and family again

Joe dreams that I brought him something,
Joe dreams that I wouldn't come back,
Unfortunately all I brought him was a yo-yo
And a pretzel airplane snack

Only in Ameriiicccaaaaaaa
Where you can't randomly get pulled over by a cop,
Only in Ameriiicccaaaaaaa
I try to buy beer and am gonna get stopped
Only in America

Sun goin' down on the good ol' trash can,
I'm so glad that I have my rights,
Drivin windows down with the wind ablowin,
Cuz claimin me insane and cuttin my leg off just ain't right

People are much friendlier than they are over there,
But we are much more cushioning on our bodies over here,
When it comes down to it all that matters,
If something goes wrong or you have a problem, someone actually cares

Only in Amerriiicccaaaa
I try beer and am gonna get stopped
Only in Amerriiicccaaa

Only in Ameriiicccaaaaaaa
Where you can't randomly get pulled over by a cop,
Only in Ameriiicccaaaaaaa
I try to buy beer and am gonna get stopped
Only in America

i'm going to keep this short and sweet about my time in Slovak because you know just about my daily routine, life, etc etc.

I will forever be grateful for everything everyone did for me. Especially Hela and her family. Welcoming me into your home on multiple occasions, cooking me dinner, giving me fruit and vegetables from your garden, taking me out to dinner, inviting me to the lake… I couldn't have asked for anything more. You all are fantastic. To Ludo, call me.

To all my friends in the lab, I will miss you all so dearly Radka, Jardka, Ivana, Tanya, Lenka, Mishko, Gabika.. and anyone else I may have forgot. You are all fantastic and if I am lucky we will cross paths again.

I had a fantastic time, learned many many things, some of which I bet I am not even aware I learned, and grew as a person. Not in height, unfortunately, but as in my maturity, knowledge, and understanding of the world. 

With that said, I am SO happy to be back in the land of the free home of the brave.
With some minor difficulties on my flight home (losing my wallet, sitting next to the world's smelliest man from Amsterdam to Detroit, getting rerouted to Houston, them giving my seat away on my flight so I had to catch another, getting delayed for 7 hours, then them losing my luggage) I eventually made it home to the fam. Unfortunately, I missed the party that they had for my arrival home. But don't worry, they had the party without me.

I got home Friday then on Saturday mom and I left for Kansas City to see Em and do some shopping. I spent too much money.

Monday and today I've been running around doing errands trying to get my life together because Erin adn I are finally moving into our apartment on Thursday. I have never been so happy to do something in my life. I am even painting! my room will look like a real room. ----for anyone who knows me, when was the last time that happened? let me think.. never.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I just stumbled across these on my computer and couldn't help but put them on here. joe is such an athlete. on a good note though, i guess he swam the other day. i remember when i learned to swim at age almost 7. and when i say age almost 7 i mean like age 3

Sunday, July 29, 2012


less than 2 weeks then im back in US land. it seems like just yesterday that i was saying 2 weeks since i've been in slovak land. Time flies. KEnny Chesney. and while I am talking about country, ill say that Kip Moore has the key to my country heart right now. He is so good.

love these songs.

let me tell u this, its a battle for me to wake up and go in there every morning. I think im just..worn out. I dont know. However, i think its definitely time for me to come home because my bank account is approaching the ___________ (thats a flatline) mark... dead. zero. nothing.

i finally saw the bat of mans the other night..and it was fantabulous. christian bale can have my heart any day. and it took me like 3/4 of the movie to figure out what other movie Blake was from.  Also..the movie theater here, it's interesting…the seats a) are love seats and b) they are numbered. so you have assigned seats. and you can reserve them online. that's a pretty good idea i think. Also..I was very surprised to see that   popcorn and drink combo that would probably cost you a solid 17-20 dollars in the US was like 7 euros here. Buying popcorn and drinks at movie theaters is a joke.

AS i sit here and think about when I should start packing and stuff to go home..i can't help but think that i have so much junk that is just covering the entirety of this 3 person room. How does one acquire so much in such little time….Did I mention that martin is outa the house?????? DEUCES martin. nobody even told me. one night when i was sleeping he knocked on my door and opened it up a little bit, which just creeped me out, but maybe he was goign to tell me he was leaving. who knows. But you know how I found out he was gone? a) the maid threw out my dish soap b) his hair gel -- literally the only thing i ever saw him have in the bathroom (no toothbrush, shower stuff, towel, etc) -- was no longer sitting on the counter in the bathroom.

Friday, July 27, 2012

ask me about my velcro wallet

FOUR-TEENy bopper

We have now began the countdown to my return to the US of A. Not that I'm counting.

So. really this past week has been..well…interesting. Lets recap.

Monday: Spent 3 hours of my work day doing a job that somebody else gets paid to do:::::::: clean the rat's shreddings. They were so repulsive I had to go outside just to get air every once and a while. I also had to make this mask:
But since I was so pleased with their cages, I took some pics to elt you know what I was dealing with. I knew you would want to know.
rats repulsive cage with poo butt

rat's clean cage
And now you're probably thinking..Kat..were you cleaning those cages and using your phone at the same time? the answer is yes. and i will have to burn it after I leave slovak land. Along with everything else I own. Hopefully that iphone 5 delivers and comes out in good time.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also broke a broom on Monday. Monday was just.. a really great day. Really great.

Tuesday: no idea what I did on tuesday. The usual
Wednesday: same. Walked around the city for a few hours after work and found the world's most awesome toy store. If i were like even 13 I would have loved this store.
-Found out the experiment we had to redo was once again worth shit so I went on a rampage. At least I'm leaving so I won't be here when they repeat it with the rats instead of mice and are killing animals like 10x as big.
-Purchased velcro wallet

-Murdered all day, entered data, made first purchase with velcro wallet. Hang out with Hela & friends tonight on her last night in town.

So now, the real point of this post. My velcro wallet. Let me show u. I needed a wallet, and why wouldn't I buy a velcro one? Besides the very loud "sssttthhhhhhhhttttttttttssssshhh" it makes every time I open it. Ask me if I'm a 9 year old boy, just ask me.

The other day when i was walking home from work….I swear this man is here sitting every day. But today he was just baring it all. #crackkills

This bear was in the world's coolest toy store. Is that for sale tag for the bear..? How can I fit this into my suitcase…? Maybe just buy a ticket home for it and it sits next to me on the plane. I'm not sure. I'll figure it out.

BUTTT YYEEAAAHH that's my extremely eventful week. And as rat #16 would say- Chill out.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

breakfast in bed. and lunch/dinner

this post is solely to the fact that i think i should purchase one of those trays that allows u to eat in bed. i eat in it anyway so it would only make sense that i got some table instead of my pillow substituting as a table. or i could just eat at my desk.. nah, bed.
so, of course i bought one.

picture of me after i bought my tray

Friday, July 20, 2012



dear father, it has been 8 days since my last post.

I was very good at the beginning of this trip..but god knows that fades. And nobody noticed besides dan. Which brings me to my next point…. i write this post not only because i need to since i haven't in a long time, but per dan schmall's request. Thank you dan, for giving me that extra nudge I needed. I also have a few pictures that relate to the previous post: “dan schmall”
So let me update you. My mom and grandma came to visit me here in Slovak land, aka in central Europe because in reality we were only here for a day. They arrived in Vienna so we stayed there a few days, then came back to ‘Brat-i-slo-vak-en-ia’ then we went to Budapest. Vienna and Budapest were truly something else. However, I wish that mom and gma stayed longer so I could escape from work longer and see more places. I’m poor without them and can’t afford to go anywhere else. I had planned on it but then I found out I couldn’t……complications. Details, details.. (ludo)

Gma and mom visiting was interesting to say the least. Interestingly fantastic. I think that my grandma should have her own show. It should be called “shit my grandma says” I didn’t realize that I should be doing this until like the last day, but why hadn’t I been writing down the things that this woman was saying? All I gotta say is lady knows what she wants and what she believes. And she will get it at whosever or whatever expense.

this is from st. stephens basilica in budapeset. just from my iphone. I only climbed 500 stairs to get up there. i was embarrassingly tired….
this man's legs are what i got to star at all train ride. ironman bag. irondan?
mom ordered a tomato salad at the train station. they ain't jokin when they say tomato salad.


mom and gma from bratislava castle

 me and mom from ze castle

overlookin budapest 

schonbrunn castle in vienna

if you are readign this the chances are that you already saw these on fb. you'll get over it.


Episode one (Pilot episode) of “Shit my Grandma Says”:

Gma: "he must support obama...all those people who cheat on their wives support obama"

Gma on lady in shop: "the lady didn't even speak English, I literally couldn’t believe it, she should be required to speak English" (grandma, you can't say that when you're in another country. Especially Slovak land)

Waiter at literally the nicest restaurant in Slovak: “would you care for any more wine?”
Grandma: "not now I wouldn’t! all i want is that check, i don't want more wine if you aren't going to wait on me better. i'll go to a bar"

mom  - "do i want those tickets?"
gma - "from venus?"
mom - "vienna?"

Me: “ok so we’re just gonna hop on the tram and it’ll take us right to our hotel. Its like one euro 40 cents for both of you”
Gma: “I have luggage, Kathryn”…as she is already walking up to a taxi. That cost 25 euros. For a 5 minute ride.

Grandma’s names for Bratislava: Bratislavia, Yugoslavia – followed by “I didn’t know Yugoslavia was still a country” (Bratislava is a capitol), Bracticslovakia, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Bractica, Czech Republic, Slovatislavia (these are real)…list goes on and on. But this is similar to any other person.

Guest Starring: Mom: reminiscing about when she bought her passport: “When I had to renew my passport, it asked what country I was going to, I put Bratislava” (Bratislava is a city, we’re in slovakia)

Grandma when my mom suggest we visit an art museum: "Well, I’ll tell you this much, I don’t do art museums, I don’t want to look at other peoples art, maybe if I drew it I’d be interested, but why would I care about someone else’s?"

Grandma at a very casual pizza restaurant: "what kind of wine do u have? I don’t want it if its not good.
Waiter: “We have (insert Slovak brand)”
Grandma: “You don’t have _____, _____, or _____? I guess you could bring me a sample”
(Waiter brings sample)
Grandma: “ugh, it’ll have to do I guess. I’ll take a glass. But don’t put it in the same one you just gave me that in”

me upon greeting mom and gma as they arrive: "i bought you guys some wine, chocolate and flowers!"
gma: "Kathryn you didn't need to do that, how sweet of you. I brought vodka"

me: “I really hope I don’t have an ugly baby”
gma: “Oh Kathryn come on, no babies are ugly”
me: you literally just said “uncle phil was not the best thing to look at when he was born, but look at him now”
gma: "well..ok"

gma: "kathryn, when you start to wear make up...."
me: “gma, i am wearing make up today. and im 20.”

Gma: "Mary, whats the bathroom like? im not using one of those nasty holes. Guess I won’t be going to the bathroom for a while"
Gma talking about money: “Kathryn, $100,000 a year is not a lot. That’s nothing”
Me: ok..well..depends Grandma.. the average income is like $50,000.

And that’s a wrap of Episode 1: “Shit my Grandma Says”


If you’re still reading this post, I suppose I will go on and talk about a few more things. However, I understand if you are not.

While I put these quotes up here, don’t get me wrong, I love my grandma with all my heart, and she was more than generous to me on this trip and I am forever grateful for it. She never failed to make me laugh and I am extremely glad she came to visit me here. I know it couldn’t have been easy on the plane ride and all the logistics involved. Luh u grams.

NEW TOPIC: water.

Finally bought still water at the gas station
ME: 2

NEW TOPIC: martin.

Honest to god martin smells so bad. He needs to go. I want to throw up every time I walk into our dorm. This is mean, but it’s getting out of control. Thank god I can shut my door and have windows. Sick wit it.

Since a lot of things occurred, im going to go back to the good ol' number list. 

1. Shopping on this trip was….kind of non existent. Not because we didn't want to shop, because we did, and we went into many stores. I think I ended the entire thing buying like two shirts or something. This is because every effing store has like 4 stories. NO, I do not want to go up to the 7th floor to check out. NO, I will not go to the 4th floor to look at the shirts you are selling. It essentially came down to me not wanting to go anywhere except the floor I entered the store on. I have  a) confirmed my laziness b) confirmed the fact that flat stores would be more successful than stores with stories  (In kat world) c) realize that if that was the case it would take up a  lot of space d) confirmed that buying clothes obviously is not that important to me. At least not important enough for me to go up or down a floor.
2. If there is a long line, I will also not be purchasing anything. I would rather run a track race than wait in a long line at a store. Even if I have some things in my hand… If i see a line I don't like.. I'll put them back and hope the next store's line is shorter. Clothes = not worth it
3. I'm Brazilian. When we were in Vienna one day, 3 different people asked me if I was Brazilian. And then were extremely surprised to find out I was from Iowa. What are these people in Vienna smoking? The same thing they are smoking in Amsterdam probably.
4. So many souvenir shops were selling cups and stuff that said "California" or "San Francisco" NO, I would not like to purchase a mug from the country I came from. I'd like to purchase something from your country if you don't mind.
5. People on the subway. i could go on for hours about these people. I'll start off by saying that they are stupid and rude. And actually I think I'll end it there. It surprises me because in Bratislava, if someone gets on the tram who looks like they need a seat, like 3 people hop up out of theirs to offer it up. But on the subway in Vienna, you have idiots standing at the door blocking it when there is a ton of space on the inside. Idiots.
6. I'm going to use number 6 to simply state I hate stupid people that don't use their heads.
Now i'm all worked up.
7. Mom and I went to this pizza place in Vienna one night while gma went back to room to rest, and no jokes, the bathroom was in the freezer. I called it the zerlet. get it? freezer + toilet? and actually I just made that up, I didn't call it anything at the time. Just thought it was odd…. And even though it was in the freezer..it wasn't cold inside. I know, I was expecting my bum to stick to the ice toilet.
8. Spatial Recognition. Until this trip, I thought I literally had the poorest spatial recognition on this planet. Until I figured out where I got it from, and figured that it only gets progressively better down the line of Middleton women. My grandma's is absolutely awful. My mom's is awful. and now mine i just considered bad. So I should consider myself grateful? It was like I was the only one who knew that we just came from where that giant castle was over there, and not where that giant basilica was over there. (NO OFFENSE MOM IF YOU'RE READING THIS!)
9. My gma wanted to buy some good cigars for my uncle, so she asked our waiter at the bar in one of our hotels. He sent us to this place called 1516. He said not only do they sell great cigars, but the restaurant is fantastic. So during the day, we were walking around, and had planend on going there for lunch. I went up to these men in front of the opera house (who were dressed in their opera clothes…) and asked them where to find it. One of the guys just said "OOOOOOHHHHH" and I said, "what", and he just smiled at me and looked at his friend. I said what, whats wrong with it? And he said, " you look for boyfriend?" and I said no..why? and he said "this where single women go to find boyfriend" and was just gigglin gigglin gigglin. Bottom line is this man thought i was lookin for love. or a hook up, whatever.

seth always visits me in unexpected places

passed out in the train station. people who owned it woke him up a total of 3 times

hope i don't forget what number to call for a taxi

guy at starbucks: can i get your name?
me: kathryn
guy at starbucks writes: kathzin

budapest castle. amazing.

SO YEAH, this post is already too long. but if you read it. awesome. if you saw how long it was and x'd out. understood. peace and love

Thursday, July 12, 2012

dan schmall

there are a million things i could write about right now. im in vienna with my mom and gma and we been all around da world (city) but all i really want to write about are things that i wanted to buy/reminded me of dan schmall in vienna today.
and when i say write about i really mean the pictures are self explanatory.

i write more later. goodnight moon