Tuesday, November 8, 2011

excuse the photo bomb. 
So today I just found out that I'll be going to florida over T break on Wednesday I'll leave and I am lucky enough to be working with kathrine switzer and run in the Space Coast Half Marathon. Am i in any shape to be running in this half? no, not really considering i've ran probably the farthest of 4 miles since the des moines half but oh well! Maybe i'll walk it with my aunt...that sounds easier......... Can't wait to be in the warm weather woot woot! although I am a little disappointed I don't get to spend Thanksgiving with my fam. It's cool though I get to see my cousins! :) ANNNDD I Just ordered my camear on Sat night sooooo its gonna be pretty boss when I get it in... gonna be lots of photo shoots with erin and robyn and annie. Just sayin. We also need to get our christmas card picture taken...and this is serious. WE WILL have   a card. if i don't ill cry. but yeah since I should probably finish this chem lab instead of be on here I'm gonna get to that. O. Also, a) annie brought back some of the best tasting brownies i've ever eaten and some of hte best pumpkin muffin type things ive ever eaten omg. and since its holiday season that obvioulsy means were baking goodies at home. i need to make these pumpkin cream cheese filled muffins...... theyve been on my mind and until i make them itll drive me nuts. DEUCES!