Sunday, October 23, 2011

well friends, it's been a rough weekend. and as I look at my last post, it totally makes sense that I have been watching house since 1pm today. (its 9:10 pm right now) I'm not ashamed. get off my back. yesterday was our homecoming game - possibly the shortest day of my life. woke up at 10, started drinking at 11:30, passed out at 3. wow that sounds a lot worse now that i put it in that time frame. Because i slept from 3pm - 8. thought it was morning, but it wasnt. so i went back to bed and slept until 10 this morning. thats a 19 hour slumber my friends.  i was awake for 5 hours! :O and nowthat i think about it, between friday night and right now, I've only been away for about 15 hours. das not right. good thing house never gets old. but yea these pics basically sum up my 4 hours of being awake yesterday...good timez!!!

running so fast i can stop and pose for the cam! oh yeah!
OH yeah, btw, i finally ran my half last weekend. to say the least i had a really good time! and hwen i say time i don't mean running time, i mean time in general.. lets be real there's no way I had a good running time. my mom and i balled it up. but on the other hand i didn't run at all this past week. fatty mc fat fat pat pat woop woop tubby. i had every intention of working out today, until i started watching house. thats when my exercise mentality went downhill. but yeah if you wanna see me being a boss just check out these next pics....

ohh man long day on the race track just pullin my chip off
i obviously am not the greatest and knowing how to place pictures. thats why theyre all over the place. oopsies!

toughest ladies to run obviously

WELL hope u all enjoyed the pics and post, shout out to my followers!!!! (erin) and thebryceisrite on occasion - youre the reason i do this!!!! love your enthusiasm and comments, keep them coming!

Monday, October 10, 2011

yes this is real.
marry me jesse spencer? and come back to house plz?
ran 12 miles saturday. 5k race on sunday. and when i say race i mean 33 minutes for a 5k....sooo yeah...raced that shit...... yeah......... didn't do anything today. hips were going to pop out of their sockets. we'll see how it goes tommorrow. toodles!!
ps. jesse for real. thats why im studying abroad in australia - to find a man like him..o? <3 some day

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'd like to first start off by dedicating this post to char (wait...char, you read this blog? shit.) - you're right, it has been too long. and so i am posting this pic because this is josh's friend but he reminded me of your friend tyrell (tyrone, tyrese? wtf was his name?). except this one peed his pants.

 and yes I am sitting in bed with the lights off on my computer thinking about how i should be sleeping. I obviously have more important things to do. (facebook)? and this website that i just saw kyle post on facebook. it's like and i recommend that dad check this one out because he will j in dem p's when he sees the deals on this site. THEY ARE OUTA CONTROL!

But for realz been a busy bee these days. i had every intention of going to work tonight and getting things done. and then grant came in and decided itd be kewl to stay the entire time  = no work done. and then i came home and sat around for an hour and climbed in bed. I also had every intention of waking up at 4:30 to run my 12 miles (my half is next weekend! :O  ) but then realized why would i do that? thats kind of like how I was supposed to wake up this morning and do it with erin. that didnt happen so why would tomorrow happen? oH - btw, havent made it to my 8 am bio class on time in at least the last month. idk how many times erin has come into my room saying "hey kat, don't you have class this morning?" as the bus I'm suppposed to be getting on drives by..... oops. maybe thats why i got a 54% on my practical. good memories.

but anyways, probs best part of my weekend was this..... why do u think i changed my twitter name to @kakemetten?
shout out to the glaza's for providing us with this gem....... lets just say it didn't last long
It was parents weekend last weekend so robert's parents came up and brought us the cake.....yum in my tum. thats waht im sayin. 

so but it was seth's and pat's bdays on saturday so i made them some cupcakes........

 annnddd here are the cupcakes i made. only 2 of the little ones made it out alive.....
 aannnddd this is how we used one of pat's cupcakes. can u say bootycaked? sorry patrick. if you're wondering what happened to the other ones, pat's cousin ate 3 of them thats all i know. last stop of the night: seth, ryan, rich, and matt's apartment. friday night before seth's bday and i find him playing fast typer and drinking beer. ryan is doing homework. they are watching a tv that is on mute. you can notice seth's cupcakes sitting next to him but he refuses to eat them because "i am trying to make him fat" notice: keystone in the left corner.