Thursday, December 1, 2011


o, hello. Can't count on my fingers and toes how many days its been since I last posted. But lets just say since I last did, I bought a new boss camera and have baked a lot of stuff. So basically I'm just gonna put some pictures up and u can fill in all the gaps of what I could have possibly been doing in so much time....... feel free to exaggerate.
pumpkin seeds...... i look forward to this every year!!!!

we made two types of pumpkin bread.... soo goood

I made these from a healthy recipe for chocolate pumpkin pie brownies.... I'm not sure they turned out correctly.... they were a little slimy.. but hey im not the best cook 
now this is wehre things get serious. this is peanut butter cookie dough, I saw somewhere about cookie bowls and attempted to make them (the top) and the bottom ones will turn into....

these! love these cookies. 
OH MY GOD. this is what my "bowls" turned into. ahahahahahaha. oops.

so thats my baking portion....and now let me tell u i was in Florida for thanksgiving to visit my family and run in the Space Coast Half Marathon!!!

my cousin on their beach..... wish i lived here

this is my aunt's friends view from their dock..gorgeous

more of Christine's backyard view