Thursday, July 5, 2012

what day is this? help? 2 lazy 2 check

sponges. as you probalby know, or probably not, we do not have a dishwasher, so naturally i wash my bowls in the bathroom sink. now. this poses a problem. and i think that every hand dish-washer encounters this. dont you feel like you are making your dishes dirtier when you wash them with the sponge you used to wash the previous 10 dishes? maybe im doing this new at this… are you supposed to replace ite very time? no idea, but i dont, and i was started to wonder, would it be more sanitary for me to just not clean the dishes and reuse them? then at least they wouldnt be infused with sink water and soap. however, i couldn't do this…my bowls were getting too many layers. jokes, i didnt try. or maybe i did. but anyway, i invented "kat's 2 sponge system" side note: theres an effing girl consistently screaming her lungs off outside and i honestly might go punch her. anyways. 2 sponge system. i have a "poo sponge". i use this to initially clean all of my dishes after using them. after i use this sponge, i dig in with the "not poo sponge" i then go over the dish to clean it again and make sure that i am cleaning up wat was actaully put on it from the last sponge….. now…this may not even work, but it makes me feel better about eating  my cereal out of a bowl i just ate vegetables from.

water. i'm just going to throw it out there that every time i go to buy water its liek buying a car. very carefully, very specifically, very time consuming. after i come home from work its 100 degrees out, i just left a puddle of sweat on the tram seat, somebody else sat in it, and im headed on the long walk back to my dorm, up a mountain of stairs, and through the woods. and apparently there is no such thing as ice or cold drinks here. now i ahve absolutely no problem with drinking the water from the sink and just filling my water bottle up. however, the water is the same temperature as the little puddle outside that hasn't managed to evaporate completely from the storm last night. iz hot. i might as well put some instant coffee in it. so back to hte point, i stop at the gas station to buy a cold water. which honest to goodness, is not very cold. its in the "cold" section, but i think they think cold is mildly not warm. but thats not even the point. the point is that i can never tell if its sparkling water or normal water. i spend an average of 15 min standing infront of them rying to figure it out. the very first time i bought a water, i somehow grabbed the right one (non carbonated) and then next time, i thought nothing of it… until i opened up what i thought was normal find bubbles in my mouth and into my stomach. im not sure if  you've drank carbonated water before, but im sure you have, and when you're itching for some ice cold water, you don't want bubbles in it. imagine my disappointment…and resentment for slovaks. then next THREE times i went ot eh gas station, i got carbonated instead of normal. when i thought i was getting normal. i even asked to make sure it was normal…nope it was carbonated. i'd also like to point out that i pay 2 euros every time i want to order water at a restaurant..its cheaper to buy a beer.

mishko drinking pup smoothie. remember how we blended our baby mice? well, i told this kid mishko that i'd give him 50 dollars if he drank one. HE SAID HE WOULD DO IT. first, my reaction was bug eyes. and then i was thinking, omg, he's really going to do it. so i was going to let him do it. id cough the money up. 50 dollars. to drink a blended baby. this is real, people. what woudl you do for 50 bucks? probalby not drink a dead animal. but before he could get around to it, we got stopped by teh safety police. apparently, the pups were mixed with cell lysis solution… aka, if he drinks this, it will cause all of his stomach cells to explode and lead to internal bleeding. obviously i told him it would be ok if he did it anyway. jkjkjkjkjk he didn't do it. but i cant beleive he was willing to...

spilt ethanol. if you ever want anything done correctly, do not, i repeat DO NOT ask me. i will literally manage to mess it up, or i will incorrectly measure, or i will break it, the list goes on. the other dya, i knocked over half a liter of ethanol and it spilt everywhere. the day before that i knocked over mishko's samples all over hte floor. that is real. im a walking disaster. they say don't cry over spilt milk, but i might just have to cry over spilt ethanol.

oh yeah. yesterday was the 4 of july. also, my straw has a mind of its own. happy america day, everyone. #USA


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