Friday, July 27, 2012

ask me about my velcro wallet

FOUR-TEENy bopper

We have now began the countdown to my return to the US of A. Not that I'm counting.

So. really this past week has been..well…interesting. Lets recap.

Monday: Spent 3 hours of my work day doing a job that somebody else gets paid to do:::::::: clean the rat's shreddings. They were so repulsive I had to go outside just to get air every once and a while. I also had to make this mask:
But since I was so pleased with their cages, I took some pics to elt you know what I was dealing with. I knew you would want to know.
rats repulsive cage with poo butt

rat's clean cage
And now you're probably thinking..Kat..were you cleaning those cages and using your phone at the same time? the answer is yes. and i will have to burn it after I leave slovak land. Along with everything else I own. Hopefully that iphone 5 delivers and comes out in good time.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also broke a broom on Monday. Monday was just.. a really great day. Really great.

Tuesday: no idea what I did on tuesday. The usual
Wednesday: same. Walked around the city for a few hours after work and found the world's most awesome toy store. If i were like even 13 I would have loved this store.
-Found out the experiment we had to redo was once again worth shit so I went on a rampage. At least I'm leaving so I won't be here when they repeat it with the rats instead of mice and are killing animals like 10x as big.
-Purchased velcro wallet

-Murdered all day, entered data, made first purchase with velcro wallet. Hang out with Hela & friends tonight on her last night in town.

So now, the real point of this post. My velcro wallet. Let me show u. I needed a wallet, and why wouldn't I buy a velcro one? Besides the very loud "sssttthhhhhhhhttttttttttssssshhh" it makes every time I open it. Ask me if I'm a 9 year old boy, just ask me.

The other day when i was walking home from work….I swear this man is here sitting every day. But today he was just baring it all. #crackkills

This bear was in the world's coolest toy store. Is that for sale tag for the bear..? How can I fit this into my suitcase…? Maybe just buy a ticket home for it and it sits next to me on the plane. I'm not sure. I'll figure it out.

BUTTT YYEEAAAHH that's my extremely eventful week. And as rat #16 would say- Chill out.


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