Sunday, July 8, 2012

its official….. i will have my first break since i arrived in slovak land. Mama bear and gma are coming this week and i could not be happier.  finally.. a break from the rats, mice, poop, and vaginas. #bestweekever ….im not sure that I've ever wanted a Monday soooo badly.

these past few days weve basically gone to work and then went to the lake afterwards. ive seen more boobs and speedos than anyone should ever see. however, what i like about it, is that if these people can walk around wearing what they are wearing, or lack of what they are wearing… then who is judging me? its like nobody judges you… for example, i fell off this rock thing and it was a huge scene and nobody laughed at me….if i saw me, i would have been laughing uncontrollably.

i also did laundry today and am retarded, because i washed all my linens….which = pillowcases which = wet pillowcases = i had to use a t shirt as a pillow case…

im too lazy to write.

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