Monday, July 2, 2012

day 41/42 ….technically its day 42 but im still awake from day 41…this is where things get complicated, and why i shouldnt be awake right now.

soo..i literally thought martin moved out of here since for like two days i didnt see him and his door was closed..i was like..sweet, i dont have to shut the door to the bathroom. boy was i mistaken when i took a chance….oops. at first i thought omg..maybe he read my blog..and left..omg…but no worries, hes still here, and we're still a happy family. or, a family at least. or… roommates, at least..

ive come to the conclusion that im on half slovak time half american time. when i wake up to  go to work at 7, im obviously on slovak time. but when i get home, itd be liek 11 america time and around 4 here. i never go by the 4. i go by the 11 because thats the time on my computer still. thast probalby why im up so late. i literally extend my day 7 hours longer and it must just cut into my sleeping time…that aint right.

soo happy that rat and mouse week from hell is over. but lucky us get to restart the mice experiment again tomorrow! and guess what, its a national holiday on thursday here and i still dont get the day off! y does this suck so much.

mama and gma are arriving in exactly one week. well, actually, this is depending on where you are reading this from. and actually, i lied, its a week and a day because they lose a day coming here…nuts. im really excited to see them tho. too bad the erin squared crew didn't hop on that plane…..

speaking of mom…. whenever i see someone running in jean shorts i shake my gangsta head. and so does my mom. and then…. i was skyping my dad and he went to show me what my mom was doing……. i couldnt believe what i was seeing. don't take that shit outside mom, thats all im sayin. keep that in the privacy of our own home, and this blog i guess. good thing nobody reads it.

its perty hot out here, aka i frat tank it up every day. people ask me if im in a frat. and i tell them yes, not only becuase im actually a boy (that was my big reveal, everyone) but because ive always wanted to b in a frat. LOL NOT! jkjk jokes. actually, i wanna be in oranges frat  in macomb.. bpp. word. so i guess i do.

ive literally never been more disappointed that i have to miss the fourth of july. especailly cuz erin is throwin a partay and dan is going to set off fireworks and naked slip n slide simultaneously.  and god knows im the only american in slovak land. and god also knows that i will hit up a pub by myself decked out in 'murica clothing on wednesday. #MURICA. i will also bring a picture of dan schmall with me in case anyone asks me to see a true patriot.

this weekend we blended baby mice into smoothies. 'nuff said. we were in ze lab literally all day saturday and then i had to come in on sunday to check up on my friends and feed them.  rats on rats on rats. they love me. its mutual.
looks liek a smoothie wink dog would make me at nutri. yujm
nice, right?

id also like to point out that the trash men are here right now. its 3:50 in the morning. dont they have anything better to do than wake up a bunhc of kids sleeping with their windows open because they are melting popsicles.

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