Sunday, July 29, 2012


less than 2 weeks then im back in US land. it seems like just yesterday that i was saying 2 weeks since i've been in slovak land. Time flies. KEnny Chesney. and while I am talking about country, ill say that Kip Moore has the key to my country heart right now. He is so good.

love these songs.

let me tell u this, its a battle for me to wake up and go in there every morning. I think im just..worn out. I dont know. However, i think its definitely time for me to come home because my bank account is approaching the ___________ (thats a flatline) mark... dead. zero. nothing.

i finally saw the bat of mans the other night..and it was fantabulous. christian bale can have my heart any day. and it took me like 3/4 of the movie to figure out what other movie Blake was from.  Also..the movie theater here, it's interesting…the seats a) are love seats and b) they are numbered. so you have assigned seats. and you can reserve them online. that's a pretty good idea i think. Also..I was very surprised to see that   popcorn and drink combo that would probably cost you a solid 17-20 dollars in the US was like 7 euros here. Buying popcorn and drinks at movie theaters is a joke.

AS i sit here and think about when I should start packing and stuff to go home..i can't help but think that i have so much junk that is just covering the entirety of this 3 person room. How does one acquire so much in such little time….Did I mention that martin is outa the house?????? DEUCES martin. nobody even told me. one night when i was sleeping he knocked on my door and opened it up a little bit, which just creeped me out, but maybe he was goign to tell me he was leaving. who knows. But you know how I found out he was gone? a) the maid threw out my dish soap b) his hair gel -- literally the only thing i ever saw him have in the bathroom (no toothbrush, shower stuff, towel, etc) -- was no longer sitting on the counter in the bathroom.

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